Thursday, August 19, 2010

Avery on his mind...

Apparently Patrick told Justin that he wanted to write a long story today. So JP sat at the computer while Patrick dictated. This is the story he wanted to tell:
Patrick and Aeneas and Avery with Christmas

Last night when Aeneas and Patrick were sleeping, they woke up in the morning. When we fly the plane, we went to Jasper to see Avery. When we got there, we saw Avery. We played upstairs for a little bit; we played all kinds of games there. We played games like monster-hide—we saw a monster and we ran around to get away from the monster. Avery’s daddy and my daddy and Aeneas’s daddy were talkin’ downstairs. But Avery and Aeneas and Patrick were having fun. Patrick said, “I like you, but you live in Georgia. I’ll see you again next Christmas.” Then Avery and Patrick and Aeneas went to bed at Jasper. In the morning, Aeneas and Patrick said good-bye to Avery. Then Patrick and Aeneas went back to Colorado.

Then a couple days, then more days, then more days, we went back to Georgia and saw Avery again. Aeneas and Patrick said hi to Avery, and Avery said hi to Aeneas and Patrick. They played upstairs some more. Then Patrick and Avery and Aeneas went to bed. In the morning, they went back to Georgia.

The End


  1. makes me sad that we live so far apart! they could be such good buddies!

  2. awwwwwwww! i love you guys' kids SO MUCH. I NEED A KID IMMEDIATLY.