Monday, December 20, 2010

Thank Goodness for Snow!

It snowed here for the past two days and it was so fun to not have anywhere to go or anything to do but to enjoy it. So we spent the days building an Oafy G snowman and building sledding jumps. It's a good bit of work to get everyone bundled up but it is so worth it. Patrick and Aeneas both stayed out for over an hour and had to be coaxed to come back in. Check it out.

Oafy G needed a friend so he wouldn't be lonely!

Here is Aeneas's launch.

And here is Patrick launching!


  1. I just love your Snowman and Snowkid. They look very welcoming.

    You are so fast on your sleds. I know you are having fun, I need to see a video of the next time you both go sking.

  2. i am so happy for it, especially when i'm babysitting, it is a savior :)