Saturday, March 19, 2011

My bladder is a trampoline!

Seems like the baby has figured out lately hat he has some more room to stretch and he can reach his little frog legs all the way down to my bladder! It's the strangest feeling, but it's very distinct each time he thumps my bladder. I'm glad to know he's growing, moving around, and active. I just can't wait to meet him and see his little face for the first time!
Here are some belly shots for those who have requested... I've been taking pictures every time we have an appointment with the midwife, which works out to every four weeks. It's a good reminder for us to take a picture and we always have appointments in the mornings, so we're home together getting ready, which means I have a photographer. Can you tell that my belly isn't the ONLY thing growing?!
16 weeks.... 20 weeks.... 24 weeks....
It seems like we are in crunch mode to get things ready. We have picked out our bedding (below) after much discussion and debate. It was tough! And we have picked a crib (also below), but our crib will be white. We're going to paint the room an apple green and put in wainscoting - similar look to the walls in the last picture. And, if you ask Joel, I'm doing an awful lot of "nesting" these days. Organizing closets, cleaning out drawers, donating lots of stuff, getting projects done that've been on a long-running to-do list... all along with trying to get the nursery looking just right. He's been a great sport though and allows me my time and space to nest away.

Bedding! Crib Room color

To steal Hannah's idea again, I'll list some of the "things I'm loving lately... pregnant edition."
My snoogle pillow
This pillow has revolutionized not only my nights of sleep, but Joel's as well. I'd been keeping him up with my tossing and turning. So it was an anniversary gift from Joel and, from the first night, we both noticed a difference in how well we slept and it's been heavenly ever since.
Edy's Drumstick ice cream

Ice cream filled with waffle cone pieces and chocolate covered peanuts... need I say more?

Old Navy Maternity Clothes

While I haven't actually purchased any maternity clothes from Old Navy of my own, I have worn many of Crystal's (thanks Titol!) and recently placed an order. I cannot wait for some new clothes to come in. I'm really pushing it still trying to wear my regular clothes and am in need of some items to get me through the next 3 months. The dress above is one of the things I ordered that I'm most excited about! Dresses and skirts while pregnant are so comfy!


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  2. Just so you all know... every time I try to post something, I remember why I don't have my own blog. It is so time consuming and frustrating!! I want to throw my computer across the room right now!! So sorry for all the awkward spacing and weird layout, it looked completely different before I hit publish.

  3. Hailes, I just take a look, get it the best I can, publish it then edit it again if it still doesn't look right. You're doing great. The more you do it the easier it comes and I'm just thrilled to get the scoop. Who cares what it looks like. Really. Thank you for posting!

  4. THANK YOU for taking the time (and turmoil!) to share with us your pictures and updates. I've really really been craving this from you, Hailes. Love it!

  5. thanks hailes! love the update! can't wait to meet the little dude...

    as far as maternity clothes go, once you start wearing them, you'll never want to wear real clothes again. elastic waists are the bomb!!

  6. Wow, that's so weird to see YOU prego!!!
    I love the room stuff you picked out:)

  7. Yea, Halies! I was just telling Garrett that is feels so weird that I am missing all of your pregnancy, so this is a much welcomed post. Thanks, and I miss the heck out of you guys.

  8. Awh Halies! I'm so excited for you:) I hope all is well! I miss you, and love you! I'll be praying for you! And for the record, your doing a great job on the blogging!