Thursday, August 23, 2012

School is in session!

It's been a crazy week! The USA Pro Challenge bike race has been here for the last week, training and getting ready for the start of the race in downtown Durango. The start of the public schools were even delayed a day since a lot of the roads en route to school were closed for the race. One of FLC's alum is on the Garmin team and one of the favorites for winning. He managed to win the King of the Mountain jersey twice out of the first 3 stages of the 7 stage race across Colorado. The are teams from all over the world and it was fun having them here staying across the hall! We made friends with the United Healthcare team and scored some hats for the kids as well as some autographs.  

Dancing on the huge painted logo in one of FLC's fields.

 Threatening rain, we bundled up to watch the race.

Serious spectator!

Waiting for the cyclists to come by.

Here they are. We were able to watch from the rim where they passed right in front of us.

We then ran to the edge of the rim and were able to see them dieseling down Florida Rd. back toward downtown and off to Telluride for the first stage.

After everything settled down on campus we got into bed early for our first day of school the following day. I have tried to cut down as much as possible on the waste associated with lunch food packaging. Last year I used reusable sandwich wraps and containers. This year I found these cool bento box containers on Amazon and thought we would try them out. 

I am a firm believer that if the presentation is there, you can get kids to eat most anything! They have two sides to them; one for a sandwich and the other with smaller compartments for things like veggie sticks, chips and fruit. No one makes a water bottle small enough for lunchboxes so I went to our local outdoor store and got some backpacking bottles for $2 each. I figured out the shaped sandwiches last year after I ran out of bread except for the heels. I cut a shape out and turned it over and Patrick thought it was the coolest. This year, I am trying pumpernickel and wheat combo and they think it is the best. So easy and fun.

Here they are, ready to go. It is cold in the mornings in Colorado, even in August! Patrick rode his bike and Aeneas rode in the trailer. Mom got a workout on the way home!

And here is the man of the day. First day of kindergarten!
They do a stagger start here so that the poor kinder teachers aren't facing a room full of first timers all wanting their moms. So Aeneas went on Tuesday and then he goes with everyone on Friday. What have we done the last two days he has been home with me?

We had fun doing a little face painting yesterday. Got on line to have him pick something out and he was determined to want this one. He's very creepy! Today Justin and I have helped haul boxes for our Animas residents who are moving in today and Aeneas served lemonade (and ate cookies the RA's set out for students all day. What a life)! It has been a fun and crazy week for sure! Happy back to school everyone!

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