Saturday, February 16, 2013

An Entrepreneur in the Making

Museum Curator

We hosted a dessert night this week for the students on Valentine's Day. Aeneas, dressed to the hilt with rubber gardening gloves and a bow tie, asked me over and over again when the party was going to begin. "It starts at 8," I say. "Yeah, but when will there be a lot of people here?" "What do you mean? Why does it matter? Wait a minute, what have you got planned?!?" "Well, I want to make some money." "WHAT? Make some money? Doing what?" "Selling admission to my museum. It's a phone museum."

 Kate, a willing and very enthusiastic participant!

Let me back up. If you ever need to give your kids something to do, go get an old phone and give them some pliers and a selection of screwdrivers. I traded out our old fashioned corded phone for a cordless and instead of saving it for later, we gave it to the kids and they have spent 4 solid days taking every screw (which Aeneas refers to as the glue that holds it together) out of it. They even woke up early a couple of mornings to get some "work" done on it before school.

Display cases

Colin, Another willing participant!

"Show me your museum." I'm thinking to myself. So that is where all my leftover containers have gone. They are display cases for a disassembled phone! I should have guessed! "So what are you going to charge?" "How about $2.50?" "$2.50?!? College students are poor. How about a donation and they can put whatever they have in there?" "OK." "Mom, can you go knock on doors to let people know so I can have a line of people outside waiting for the tour?" Uh, no, I thought. "I'll help you go around and ask people to come in." "OK."

We set out a dish of coins for the unprepared college students to use for admission. I never got a count but I am sure it was 3-4 dollars by the end of the night.

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