Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Orchestra Training

photo courtesy of The San Juan Symphony

We took P to the San Juan Symphony recently which was a blast. We saw many familiar faces. There were several people from our church performing and several from the Fort as well which was all that much more exciting for P. It was fun to point out all the different instruments, especially the more uncommon ones like the contra bassoon.

The whole experience reminded me that around the time Patrick was 3 years old, I ran across a website that was pivotal in exposing him to the instruments of the orchestra. Below are two very good sites that allow you to hear each instrument and to see what they look like. I even went so far as to print out flash cards for P to learn the instruments by.

I have found that it's hard to remember what it was I was doing with P as A gets older. I find myself in the rut of always thinking that he is younger and thus does less than P. So I was so happy that our Symphony concert reminded me of this. Visit the following sites, with the kids in your lap. It's a ton of fun and you never know how that little bit of exposure will effect the kids later in life. Also, if anyone is interested, I've already compiled a bunch of instruments to print out into flash cards. Just email me if you want them.

The Dallas Symphony

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