Sunday, June 6, 2010

The River Why

I read this book years ago at my husband's bidding. After having lived in Montana for two years relishing in God's great testimony of his existence in his unsurprising beauty of the wilderness, I always equate the book to some of my experiences there. We just returned from a trek back north and back through some of the secluded wilderness of the Rockies and it's silver threads of rivers and streams that bring life to their sandy and rocky banks, and I find myself with this book in hand once again, pouring through it; devouring it; reliving it.

If you love the outdoors, you'll love it. If you love fishing, you'll love it. And if you can appreciate the quest of finding meaning to life and wrestling with such in the life of a person setting out on his own, then you'll love it. (I'm certain we've all been here at some point in life and know even more friends either wrestling with the same things now or in the past.) It's laugh out loud funny at times to boot. Take a look and perhaps join me in reading The River Why by David James Duncan this summer.

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