Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July Fourth Celebration

One of my all American Favorites, Patrick, 8 months

I'm curious what everyone has planned for the 4th. We have some friends that have invited us to come over, pitch a tent Sunday afternoon and stay till the sunrise morning for a camp-out in their yard. Everyone is just bringing a variety of food and kids to contribute to the potluck and chaos.

So, what food are you planning to prep for your celebrations? I was thinking Calico beans and Georgia Caviar. And some really cute picnic ant parade cupcakes made out of choc covered peanuts and pretend/candy food hoisted on top of their backs from my new cupcake book book.

Does anyone have any cool, yummy, traditional, celebratory ideas they can offer? I'd love to hear some recipe ideas and also what your plans are to celebrate with your family on this truly American holiday.


  1. no plans here, but i want to share a yummy cocktail that you all should try! what you do is buy a bottle of marachino cherries and drain the juice in a cup and fill the jar up with vodka (gramma k style). for the drink i'm not sure of the measurements, but you put fresca/sprite, cherry juice, and vodka with cherries over ice. i added some blue curacao to make mine more american-flag like. it's yummy.

  2. i always make calico beans for any type of cookout during the summer. its just the "old faithful" reicpe... and I think that because my mom always made them for the same type of things growing up, calico beans are what I think of when I think of cooking out.

  3. p.s. love the pic of p-diddles!