Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back to School

Justin's First Day of School

Patrick's First Day of School

As the summer slips away, I begin to get a bit anxious about managing the new schedule. Unlike the summer where you wake up and make your plans for the day on the fly, we actually set an alarm and the morning routine is planned by the minute. If something takes longer than it's allotted time, it throws the whole morning off. But luckily, all our stuff stagger starts so after one week we're up to Patrick in school. Next week we will add JP's school and dance. The following week we'll add Aeneas's school and piano, and the following week we'll be up to Devo and our regular hang out stuff with the students as well. It will be an exciting fall, but no doubt busy. Maybe I should start wearing a watch!

If you have first day of school pictures, tack them on to this post too or send it to me. I'll be sure to take one of Justin. G and Dooney should have one too!

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