Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wine, Music and Clean Hands

Justin says to Patrick, "Now before you begin to cook a good meal, you have to do three things. Pick your wine, pick your music and then wash your hands."

This picture looked delicious.

A month ago or so, Justin mentioned using this fall as the start to a new tradition of teaching the boys how to cook. We McBrayer ladies all know how blessed we are to have married such awesome cooks! Justin wanted to pass along the tradition.

We agreed that once a month was a good start. But holy cow, we are a week into school and it's the last weekend of the month already. So on Saturday morning, JP and Patrick perused through some cookbooks choosing some recipes that looked good. Patrick settled on none other than Seafood Primavera! (I am not complaining!) After a lesson on looking for things we already had in the pantry and compiling a list we were ready to go.

So we hoped on our bikes and rode down to the Farmer's Market and Albertson's to fetch the ingredients. It was fun to choose the freshest produce while listening to the music at the market and then to see JP schooling Patrick on where to find things in the grocery store.
He's getting pretty good with a cleaver and he still has all 10 fingers so far!

Grating cheese while listening to the "chill" mix on the ipod and sipping his "wine." Don't worry Nina and D, it's only coke!

Clipping fresh herbs from the AeroGarden.

Learning to saute.

Prepping the plates with shrimp and a basil garnish.

This afternoon, while Aeneas and I sat back sipping our wine and reading books, Patrick and Daddy cooked up the most delicious of meals. It was spectacular and most gourmet for the first try at REAL cooking for the little guy.

Setting the table.

Patrick's Pasta Primavera. And I'm thinking I may have him cook more like once a week in a few years.

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  1. That looks absolutely delicious! Good job to the boys! (it better be coke)