Saturday, December 17, 2011

A busy week celebrating

Thrusday Night was Aeneas's Christmas program with all his friends with school. He was tired from a busy week and yawned through the whole thing but managed to sing at least part of the songs. He was so proud to have been on stage. It's tough living in the shadow of an older brother who gets to do everything first.

The following day he got to stay through lunch for a pizza party!

 Aeneas with his reindeer shirt he made for the special night! 

 Getting goodies afterward! Yum.

Friday, Patrick had a pajama breakfast party in his class. They ate, made a craft which I never saw because he ate it before I got there to pick him up, and the watched the Polar Express. After school, we had his last dance class and they all got to show us what they have been working on for the past semester. Who would have thought that kids these days would still be dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller!"

 Jaime and Patrick

And on our first day officially off, we decorated some gingerbread houses. OK, so Patrick and I decorated and Aeneas just ate all the toppings. We went shopping for Daddy. Apparently he didn't have enough presents under the tree and so the boys felt sorry for him. So they dug out their spending money and we went shopping. They knew exactly what they wanted to get him so we were in and out and back home in no time. We met Kip down at the river trail and took a stroll and played some games before watching the original Chipmunks! A fun day of recreation!

Now if Daddy can get that grading done so we can shred some pow bra!