Saturday, December 17, 2011


Here are some pictures of our wicked awesome ginger bread house. :) I found this plastic kit at a christmas show... works great. You just cover the whole thing in icing and add your decorations to it. Ours is really only done on one side though because we let kale do it and he made a MESS out of the icing and everything else. Its nice though; just snaps together thenthrow it in the dishwasher for next year!

And here are a few pix of the little rascals in their Christmas PJ's - kale LOVES to wear his santa hat. In fact he wore it the whole day at school the other day and evidently didn't take it off at all. Funny little guy...


  1. I love that gingerbread house idea. A friend of mine has a house shaped bundt cake pan that I may make next year and let the kids decorate. At least it would be edible with a really delicious cake inside. We got the village kit which was great and really fun. We have 3 left to do when Greenlee is here. I apparently didn't get enough of the disastrous mess it makes! I know, let's do it twice!

  2. I think it's funny how similar Kale, Griffin and Aeneas's experiences with the decorating was!