Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hard to Keep Up

It's so hard to keep up with this guy. He gets something in his head and he just can't let it go so I find myself rarely prepared for craft projects and he ends up disappointed when I can't deliver. Not this time. I was unprepared but pulled it off.

 A couple of summers ago, we put together a book of wildflowers that we took on our camera and the boys love it. It was not only a great exercise in flower identification, it serves as a  great resource while hiking the high country in the summers. And we are very proud of our little 3 ring binder with all of our OWN images.

The latest adventure in Aeneas's creativity has been his bug (and critter) book. All summer we have been taking pictures of the critters he has found. We catch a lot, A LOT, of critters, especially when we are camping. So when the boys came back with critters, I got out my camera and started shooting away. Granted some of them were so small it was difficult to get my crummy camera to focus but I snapped away anyway. I actually thought in the back of my mind that he would never remember this project and was trying to figure out how long I should have the random photos take up space on the hard drive.

Well, D sent us a goody box the other day and in it had some insect stickers. Just enough of a tip off to remind him of his little project. I was totally unprepared. I didn't have any of the pictures printed, I didn't have a book to put them in, or the lamination to cover them. I had to think fast and I've found that if I can keep cool and act like this was the plan all along, then the boys tend to just go with it.

So with some cardboard and card stock paper Aeneas and I created this little book. The decorating kept him entertained long enough for me to pick up the pictures the following day. He cut them and stuck them in just the way he wanted to and he has room for more (Oh help me)! He is very proud of this book and looking back, I am quite proud of him myself. And although the stubbornness and insistence of this kid drive me to insanity at times, there are good things that happen on account of it. I'm just trying hard to keep up! Good job little buddy.

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  1. Awesome! Sometimes the best creations are the ones we don't have time to overanalyze. He probably had more fun doing this than if you had prepared well in advance!