Friday, September 7, 2012

Learning the Ropes

Patrick is getting a bit of coaching on how to
hold your break on the way down

Durango has lots of rocks to climb on if you are just getting your feet wet. Justin used to climb waaaaayyyy back in his college days, so we decided it would be fun to get the boys into it a little and to prep them for the Doony and Sheels Summer Climbing Camp in the future. We bought a full body harness and have explored a couple different places around town. Turtle Lake is great for bouldering. Nothing we did was so high we needed ropes, but high enough that we could practice repelling and climbing on a rope. X-Rock has some pretty big cliff faces that we were able to explore. Backing over that edge to repel is the worst part but the boys didn't seem to mind it much. They were naturals!

Patrick has got the hang of it as long as we can keep the
crazy hair out of the figure 8!

With barely enough weight to counter the friction, Aeneas has
to work a little harder to get down.

No problem. This kid isn't afraid of anything!

And since we didn't get enough of heights, we went to DMR and did
the bungee where Aeneas has gained enough confidence to do flips!

Brothers race to the top of the climbing wall at DMR.

Aeneas's flip. I've got to do a few lessons for the videographer ;)

Patrick had a 5 flip pass. He's been taking notes from the bungee guys on how to do it. No video of it unfortunately. Bummer.

Mama even got a flip or two in!
(not so good on the stomach, crazy dizzy!)

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