Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pre-Thanksgiving Rush

Once I tore myself away from the snowman, Christmas tree and Santa legos this morning after having found the mother load of  instruction booklets on their website. I have since been covered in flour up to my elbows. I am on batch three of home made dinner rolls (a quest to match the rolls of an ex boyfriend's mother back in college, whom I have only one regret, and that is to not have snagged that darn recipe while I had a chance. That would have been cheating, I know but no one that I know of makes them in my own family.) I have put together two pie crusts. (Thanks Josh Schlup for the staple recipe in our house) and I am moving on to the Spinach Artichoke dip. I'm not even making the turkey but I've been up before 7 every day this week in anticipation of pulling off the mound of food I am preparing to go with the meat Nellie is making. I finished my shopping yesterday. I can't believe that people bring their grown children in numbers upward of 7 to one of the busiest grocery shopping days and have them saunter like teenagers do while the rest of us wait to get through the aisles. Can't they go look at the electronics or car air fresheners or something. And I'm probably a little excited about my side of the family coming out to celebrate with us. The boys are in the lobby making couch forts and I am secretly listening to Christmas music while Justin is busy grading papers. I love Thanksgiving break. It really is the best. Amazing my mom and grandmothers pulled off the feast all those years. Amazing anyone trusts me to do the same now that I have come of age. Wish me luck. I'm almost there. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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