Sunday, January 6, 2013

McBrayer Family Chaos...I mean Christmas!

Nina and Big Daddy don't have enough lap to go around!

To start, I have to say that there are very few families that can "do" what we did this Christmas to the extent that we did it and all come out claiming fun or at least claiming to be alive at the very least! Here it is by the numbers:

1 house
7 BR, 5.5 BA (1 tub!)
1 scamper
15 kids from age 8 down to 8 weeks old
12 adult kids with spouses
2 very gracious and loving grandparents
1 set of bunk beds that slept 4 at a time
4 sleeping bags
5 pack and plays
1 Live Nativity
1 Santa visit
2 Christmas videos set on a loop
7 rib, 20-something lb rib roast
1 bazillion diapers
1 trillion sippy cups
lots of whiskey

A heaping bucketful of patience and a truly remarkable Christmas celebration.

The kitchen pretty much stayed open 24/7. We ate in shifts, entertained, gave baths, food, and discipline to droves of children at a time to kids that were rarely our own. We disabled squabbles  attended dance shows, rode four-wheelers, hunted deer and ducks, played cards, ate popcorn, pushed swings, hiked through the woods, built forts, got our feet wet, took lots of ibuprofen and truly thanked God for a family that not only gets along but all signed up to spend our Christmas holiday all under one roof! Whew! How lucky we are!

I think there were enough ipads floating around to keep the kids entertained  on the rainy days!

A eating party. Eat where and when you can.

Santa came to visit with a special gift for each kid!

What's the weight limit on this swing set? I think we had it maxed out!

The getaway. After a card game and drink you were required to tap someone else in need in. NO KIDS ALLOWED in the Scamper!

Getting dressed to go outside was interesting to say the least.

Hike on Jasper 1

Hike on Jasper 2

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  1. Hats off to Charlene and Mike. I believe me, the Scamper and the whiskey may have disappeared in the middle of the night:)