Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back to the land of Sprawling Oak Trees and the South Georgia Salt Marsh

For New Years we headed back to my roots on the South GA coast. There is nothing like the feel of the humidity on your face and the smell of the marsh. I drink it in with relish every time I'm back. It was warm enough for the gnats to be out which I don't care for however still cold enough most days for a roaring fire in one of Dad's 3 fireplaces.

You didn't know I was married to a squirrel. Climbing trees is one of the first things we do when we arrive on the coast!

Wild Holly is at its peak right in time for the holidays and the wild turkey are everywhere. Found even on the salt marsh if you look hard enough ;)

Deda teaching Aeneas to throw a 13' cast net was priceless...and very WET! We ate lots of seafood and went through the motions of fishing on the dock. We pretty much suck but it was still fun to pretend.

And a Georgia is a place where it's not uncommon to serve $100 bottle of champagne with none other than BBQ. Why of course is what I say!!! We spent some time with some our favorite people, and made an afternoon run to the sand and surf of Jekyll Island!

There is something special about seeing my kids at the beach with nothing but their own imaginations a few broken shells and an endless supply of sand. They LOVE it and no matter how long we stay we have to peel them away!

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