Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1st Time for Everything

Friends, Tyler and Ryan show us how it's done.

Or so the saying goes. The boys have been asking to go ice skating lately. I can't believe we have lived in the land of ice hockey for the past 5 years and have yet to try it. I've honestly been a little reluctant to try it again since Montana (holy smokes, 10 years ago!) when I tried a spin and cracked my wrist. I honestly thought I would be bending over and holding Aeneas up the whole time. So we splurged last early out Friday afternoon and met our friends at the ice rink to give it a whirl. I was totally surprised. The boys took right to it and even though they spent a lot of time on the ice horizontally, they hit the ice gliding from the get go along with their friends. I leisurely skated around the outside in a circle thinking if I had made the all time annoying mom decision of making my kids wear their ski helmets.

Patrick gaining some speed before an epic wipeout!

The boys found the best part of ice skating was getting a running start and then sliding on their butts as far as possible like baseball players. Sometimes the slides were planned and then sometimes they weren't and they smacked their heads against the ice or took another kid out along the way.

Snow pants and ski gloves were the best idea ever,
thanks to Kristen who is a seasoned ice skater.

I didn't think too long about the helmets and quickly moved to wondering if they had any 80's love music and a disco ball to skate to...

Ryan and Aeneas, beasties!

There's nothing like a best friend!

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