Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dear Santa, Why did you leave sardines in my stocking? your mom could make you a delicious meal from them!

Santa had a sense of humor this year and gifted both boys with a selection of canned meats. Kippered steaks, anchovies, sardines and nasty little vienna sausages (which I actually liked and ate as a child). And speaking of vienna sausages, in the south they are 55 cents a can, however in the convenience store out west, where you could legitimately get stranded in a snowbank and need them as your last resort before starving and being rescued, they are over $3! So if you are heading west, be sure to stock up before you come. 

I was so impressed in the grocery stores in GA that you could get pickled pigs feet and snouts (very recognizable with the nostrils pressed up against the glass sides I might add) in your choice of a pint, half gallon and gallon sized jars! What a bargain! 

AND...the aisle markers that tell you what is on each aisle? One of the three labels were GRITS! You turn the corner and there in all it's glory, with the angels of heaven singing in the back ground, they have devoted most of the aisle to a very extensive selection the beloved breakfast delicacy! Instant grits, grits with fake bacon flakes, cheese grits, extra buttery grits all with 5 or more brands to choose from.

Whoa! Where the hell am I any way?

I was writing to post a recipe that had something to do with anchovies. I am kind of tired of my recipes right now and was honestly looking for something to make with the 40 lbs of Italian Elk sausage I have in the freezer. Justin has only told me what I am not allowed to use it in and not given me much direction on things it would be good in. All I can think is why didn't we make breakfast sausage anyway?!?

So Martha and Emeril save the day! I found this recipe online. It calls for anchovies and I thought, "Yeah. I have anchovies on hand!" SO I whipped up this pasta dish and it is to die for. And while it was cooking, I was tapping my fingers trying to think of another something I could use some of the anchovies for...Caesar dressing! It was on the grocery list and I totally flubbed and forgot to get it. Heck, I'll make the real deal home made Caesar! So in went a raw egg and the rest of the salty little fish to the blender and out came a kick a$$ dressing. When the kids, with empty plates say, "Thanks mom for making us really good food for dinner this time," you know you have scored!

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  1. You do know that Grits are a seperate food group.
    Use the Elk sausage for the Peggy's soup for the slopes recipe.

    This is so funny. Love it.