Friday, January 25, 2013


In celebration of Martin Luther King, we decided to stay home and work on some science experiments. Patrick got a few kits from family this Christmas and since kids are naturally inquisitive, it's easy to wow them with these kinds of activities

I am totally intimidated with science so I was relieved the kits he had pretty much all of the supplies included and were ready to go. I mean I can do rubber bands and paperclips but you lose me when you start talking about kitchen chemicals and such!

After we were finished experimenting, we decided to make videos of them explaining back what they learned for your enjoyment. (Really, my mom is the only one I expect to actually watch these).

The missed countdown. This was actually take 2! We are all beginners at this.

Here's a little out take for you. We are still learning to be on camera!

This is my first attempt at video editing. Its apparent I will not be making millions at this but a valiant try I think.

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