Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Aeneas on his bike

Here are some recent videos of Aeneas on his bike. His famous last words are "Hey watch this!" I think it's funny how he kinda checks out the college girls as they go by.

Here he is playing it off like he meant to fall. He needed to check out this hole in the ground.

And here he is doing some tricks. Dragging his feet to sort of skid and popping a wheelie. Ahhhsemmmm!


  1. anna - his little legs look so short on those videos!! and i sure am glad you have that wild child in a helmet!! so cute and so proud of himself!

  2. anna, will you blog some info on cake pops? i'm considering making some for my family for chrismas. i'm trying to do edible gifts for my mom's side of the fam and i thought of doing truffles, but cake pops might be more fun. i know you've done these, will you let me know how to do them or where to get the info?