Friday, October 22, 2010

Need your feedback on this craft/gift

Alright, sisters, I need your honest opinion. I don't have any friends here yet, so I'm not sure what to do with this, so I thought I would ask you. This summer, Mom and Janelle and I were shopping and they both loved these scarves that had long ruffles. They were $40 and I told them not to bother getting them because I was sure I could find a way to make them myself. I was hoping to throw some ruffly scarves together for them for Christmas.
I pulled a late night last night and put together this scarf. 
It looks dumb hanging there on the jacket, but I think it looks pretty fun in person.
It's 5 inches wide.

Although I'm just not sure. It might be a little too much? 

What makes me think that it's not totally out of style and crazy is that this ruffly scarf idea reminded me of scarves I've seen in Anthropologie

 Then I made an ear warmer/ headband to match
Added a flower to this one

 Of course you don't know if they will like them or not, but I was wondering if you think this thing is ridiculous? If you think it is a little too over-the-top or unique, I might just keep it for myself, although I really wanted to give it to my sister, I'm just afraid she'll be freaked by it. I bought two colors of knit so I think I will try to make another one with just two ruffled rows instead of three so it's thinner. 

Please tell me truthfully what you think!

Thanks girlies!

P.S. Have fun at the MOUNTAINS this weekend! Wish I could be there with you!


  1. I LOVE IT! it's cozy and trendy :)

  2. I think it's very trendy and very Etsyish. I love it. I try it thinner though. And honestly, I think it looks kind of cool just hanging on the shirt! And I love the headband to go with. Now you need to post how to accomplish ruffles. I've never done that and I need some crafty Christmas ideas so I can get started too!

  3. I think it is very unique, but it is kind of over-powering. Try and make it thinner than show us. I LOVE THE HEADBAND THOUGH! Agreed with Anna.

  4. so impressed hannah. i love them both...especially the headband! your fam will love them!

  5. I actually have been re-thinking this. I like it a lot! The color.....

    I FEEL SO MEAN >;(
    Sorry, I am kind of critical. :P
    Love you Hannah Banana!

    ily <3 hehe.

  6. Your kind of too acomplished with crafty stuff.

  7. thanks so much for your feedback ladies, i really appreciate it!