Thursday, October 7, 2010

Uncle Dooney and Uncle G

Out of the blue, Aeneas looks at JP and says this. Of course the video is us trying to get him to say it again. You get the idea.

I asked what a butterfly's tongue is called and Aeneas promptly says, "a biscus."

Aeneas is lately calling the guitar the "batar." He loves to "chetch bugs," and will spend an hour outside flipping rocks, hauling around his bug book for reference when he scores a good find.

Patrick is practicing his note flash cards at piano today and Gabrielle puts a card up there, he plays the correct key and she asks him, "Name?" He looks back at her and says, "Patrick!" She is also realizing that she can sing a note and he can find it on the first shot on the piano. He's got an amazing ear, that kid. Crazy.

Patrick called a kazoo a "Bazoo" tonight while explaining to me why he hit Aeneas with the drumstick on the head. I couldn't help but crack up. The stern talking to went out the window. What I took from the situation is don't mess with the boy when he's doing his beats.

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