Saturday, October 2, 2010

Big Daddy is an Excellent Chef

We all knew that Big Daddy was an excellent chef but up until now, I wasn't sure what his secret was. Well, brace yourselves...

That's right. All he needs is a girly apron. Go figure.

Nina and Big Daddy flew ALL THE WAY out to Durango last week to see us and boy were we glad to see them! Every day here seems like it's blue skies and beautiful but those Georgia visitors (my Dad too) bring the rain with them. So outside of one rainy day, it was gorgeous fall weather and we enjoyed picnics, walks downtown and delicious continental breakfasts courtesy of their downtown home, the Strater.

There were many a books read and flights for the treasures they brought with them. They even managed to go eat lunch at school with Patrick one day.

And the day after they left, I went to go pick up Aeneas from preschool to, "Where's Big Daddy. He's spose to pick me up." Well Big Daddy went home yesterday, back to Georgia. "Well Nina pick me up then."

Thank You Nina and Big Daddy for coming to see us!


  1. that is so cute! I miss you all so much. and i cant wait to meet aeneas. hope i see you ALL in the moutains:)

  2. that picnic spot with all the stone and the gorgeous view looks incredible! glad you guys had fun!

  3. I am so greatful for "Big Daddy" and "Nina"! Glad they got to visit you! Looking forward to seeing you in the mountains this year?!