Friday, October 1, 2010

They've gotten bigger

Just a quick update for you before heading out of town.... Kale seems to have mastered bigger objects. He will be up to challenge anyone willing to compete.

I can't believe the little booger is going to be ONE next week!! Time files when you're having fun. In the past 2 weeks we have mastered Dancing & Walking - I think we are on the verge of running now. He has learned he can climb on his rocking chair and get things off his dresser, he has figured out how to do pull ups on the hallway table, climb on the coffee table, put toys in the diaper gene, (hopefully we haven't thrown any out!) and really really bother the dog.
His recent claim to fame is that he takes the SAME dvd off of the rack every time.... "What a Girl Wants" - where ever we put it mixed in all the other DVD's he can seem to pick it out every time. It's the ONLY dvd he will take off the rack and want to walk around with - he never bothers any of the others. Anyway, The little guys sure keeps us busy!

I hope you are all keeping up with your kiddos you may have, and that you all have a very blessed week!

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  1. KALE IS GOING TO BE ONE??????????!!!!!!! That is insane. Happy Birthday Little Kale! I will make you cupcakes in the mountains :)