Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Milestone Today!

We Pee Pee'd in the potty!!!

It was sort of a coincidence that it happened, and when it did, it surprised him and surprised me at the same time! He and I were both very excited about this milestone, and stood in the bathroom clapping and horray-ing. Then 2 minutes later I was changing a poopy pull-up.
I want to potty train, I do... but I am just not excited about dropping everything at the very second he says "potty momma" because lets face it, it seems like they ask to go potty every 5 minutes. However, I guess I have to put in the few months of dropping everything if I want to get him out of diapers.


  1. Yay Kale! Good job buddy! We got your pictures today! Thanks for thinking of us. You are front and center on the fridge my man!

  2. hooray!!! congrats to you both. what a big boy!