Sunday, October 9, 2011

Who's out there, anyway?

So I've been thinking and wondering. Does anyone else find it weird that I am the only contributor to this blog of sisters or is it me?

I'm just sayin' maybe I should start posting to something more me instead of under the assumption of a group of people.

Does anyone ever read this except my mother?

Anyway, I'm gonna post away since I don't have another blog (yet) to distract me from this one. But I will happily post to something else if you ladies think it's just not happening here...


  1. You are correct, I am out here and do not stop posting. It would be nice to have the others post things at times because I just love to hear about what you girls are doing and how your beautiful children are growing.

    I keep up with Merritt on her blog and also Hannah on hers, I look at both of those at least once a week and enjoy them also.

    Times have changed since I was raising children and it would have been so nice to have a place to connect with family when we lived so far away. So keep it up you girls, stay connected we all enjoy the posts, no matter how short, how often or the subject.

    Love to you all.
    Deborah, Grana D, Mom.

  2. That's very true, but i think you should get your own! I would follow.

  3. sorry, i lost my login but I found it!!! :) haha. I look at it and read it all the time, I dont want to get rid of it. I never have recipies and what not to post because lets face it, I'm not that good of a cook, and even the recipies yall post on here are sometimes out of my league. haha. But if yall want to see pictures of the kids and waht they are doing I'll post more often :)

  4. i do read it. i have a hard time contributing these days.

  5. I read, but am a terrible contributer... Thanks for the not-so-subtle reminder. :)