Monday, February 20, 2012

Harmony Bowls

Any time Crystal comes to visit we eventually end up talking food. She said that her friend Kara makes what's known as "harmony bowls." So I investigated a bit and found that there are entire restaurants dedicated to such a thing. Kara sent me the quick and dirty on creating them (I put them in here verbatim) and two dinners into it and the family is loving them. I also found that Kara is a ridiculously good cook so head over to her blog and search the tag food to see a whole host of delicious meal ideas.

You start with Tempeh but you could use 
tofu or chicken as a substitute.

Mexican Harmony Bowl
·         Tempeh – 1 package, sliced thin and sautéed in olive oil until browned, I cut it smaller for the kids after cooking it.
·         1 can black beans
·         Veggies of your choice – I normally slice up a red, yellow or orange bell pepper, add some thawed corn or even zucchini
·         Taco or enchilada sauce (salsa also works)
·         Brown or white rice
·         Cilantro
·         Avocado
·         Shredded cheese

Cook rice according to instructions. Heat the beans in their juices until warm and soft. Slice up your veggies and stir fry them a bit so they’re cooked but not soggy.
Grab 4 bowls, add the rice first, then the beans in a little of their juices, then the veggies, then the tempeh (make sure it’s still warm) – about 4-5 slices in each bowl.
Top with the fun stuff – cilantro, sauce, sliced avocado and cheese.

We had this one last night with a peanut sauce I made from scratch.

Stir Fry Harmony Bowl
·         Tempeh – 1 package, sliced thin and sautéed in olive oil until browned
·         1 can white beans
·         Veggies of your choice – I normally use broccoli, carrots, squash and zucchini
·         Brown rice
·         Asian peanut sauce or soy sauce

Same instructions as above (just a few less ingredients).

Peanut Sauce
·         1/4 cp peanut butter
·         3 Tbsp brown sugar
·         2 Tbsp rice vinegar
·         2 Tbsp soy sauce
·         1 Tbsp sesame oil

·         2 minced garlic cloves
·         1 tsp red pepper flakes

·         1 Tbsp grated fresh ginger

Whisk it together (heating in the microwave will help it combine) and drizzle over your bowl.

Thank you Kara! You're the best!

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