Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winter Beach Party!

Aeneas is decked out with his swimming stuff, ready to dive into the pool.

It is customary for Miss Melanie to host a Winter Beach Party in January each year for her little pupils. And it's something that the boys look forward to for weeks leading up to it. So she cranks up the heat, gets out the water stuff and has the kids dressed for summer. It's always so funny to hear what the kids expectations for such a thing were. I heard several things from the kids that were worth repeating: "I thought we were going to have a real beach inside our school!" "Why isn't the pool filled up with water?" (Yeah right!)

Here is Miss Melanie and Aeneas making an "Ocean in a Bag": super gooey hair gel with an assortment of sea creatures and shells. Miss Melanie claims she forgot to wear her suit that day. ;)

There has been such good weather this January despite it being Colorado, that most of the girls were on the playground in the melting snow in nothing more than their suits and some pants if you can believe that! Colorado kids have a bit thicker skin than this GA girl for sure.

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