Monday, February 13, 2012

Tea time for BOYS!

 With 4 full place settings, you only have to refill
 half as many times in the course of one party.

Who doesn't like to have a tea party? Especially two little boys whose parents partake in the act every afternoon for real?!? Thanks to Curious George, little boys can have a tea party with something that isn't coated in pepto pink princess poo! 

 Learning to carefully* pour.
*(Ha! Yea right! Emphasis on learning.)

Yes they are eating a handful of chocolate but at least they are drinking water...

Gramma D sent this as a Valentine's Day treat for the boys and we have had tea party after tea party and a partially soaked floor ever since! If you have boys that you think might like to join the fun, then keep an eye out for this set. Amazon has it but you can find it for less around town. Just ask D. I am sure she will disclose it's half price secret location for those of you in the Atlanta area. (Rumor has it that one can find this jewel splashed in the infamous sock monkey motif as well!)

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