Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Octopuses and E.O. Wilson

Such great school projects the boys get to do at their school. Earlier in the year, Aeneas and his class studied people and heroes that "stuck to it" to accomplish great things. Aeneas chose E.O. Wilson, a famous entomologist that studies ants and has made huge contributions to science about their behavior. Here is a picture of him on his presentation day dressed up like E.O. along with Neil Armstrong! Parents were invited to a "Talking Statues" exhibit where we walked around the room to each "statue." When we shined our flashlights onto the statues, they came alive and talked about who they were and what they were famous for! Aeneas did a great job!

Last week, Patrick gave a his presentation on his Octopus research. There is a lot of background noise because it was set up like a job fair where parents could go around to each student and listen to what they were presenting. This is real life and sometimes that's messy and loud so it's authentic! (My video was broken when I went to Aeneas's class. Bummer)

Note "Squishy" in the background that he did most of the sewing on. He gets up faithfully to feed it shellfish marbles to him each morning. I wish he had that much dedication to his real fish!

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