Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saturday Night

Found a new favorite take out place. Ever heard of Rice Monkey?!?! Slap yo gramma good!

Pomegranate Martinis 
(by the pitcher because who wants to mix drinks all night?) 
Easy! 12 oz. vodka, 12 oz pomegranate juice or blend, 4 oz orange liqueur, juice from 2 limes. Get it really cold so you don't have to serve it over ice and you can't shake it.

 A serious game of Pandemic. Here is part of the McAlvany 
crew trying to save the world from utter disaster . 

 Fun times with all these crazy boys!

 Totally getting in to the game, Declan and Patrick were 
determined to save us from a worldwide epidemic.

Jammie time!

 Justin caught his little one on the floor in 
utter bliss enjoying her cookie to it's last crumb.

Good buddies

 Sometimes Patrick wishes he had a sister 
just like Tess! Who wouldn't?!?!

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