Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I've been considering getting bangs forever. I think I have been too afraid to do it because I was sort of a mullet child until like 1995.

But I've noticed my monsty forehead more and more in pictures of myself and was thinking that bangs could be great, although i'm wondering if summer might be the worst time to give them a try considering i'll be doing a lot out doors and getting sweaty regularly (hopefully....unless i have a job,  i guess).

so. i was wondering your thoughts on bangs, those of you who have tried them in your adulthood.

the before and after pictures of Dana from MADE are what inspired me to seriously consider getting mine chopped:

thoughts/suggestions, ladies?


  1. well hannah i have bangs honestly and i think you should get them but dont get them to short its a pain in the butt. i think you would look great. love you:D

  2. Justin has wanted me to cut bangs ever since I first grew them out 10 years ago. It would be a blast from the past I guess and he really likes how little it makes me look. But I had bangs for so long and it took so long to grow them out that I've only attempted it once. And that was only half way: really thin and pretty long when I cut my hair really short one time. Justin didn't think it counted and I didn't end up liking it anyway. The one you should ask is Ann. She's managed to pull it off and her latest "do" looks terrific but then she's a lot more up on the times when it comes to hairstyles than me. I'm a "get it out of the way, don't want to style it" kind of girl. But then I can get away with never doing my hair either. If I were going in to the office every day, I might actually go for a style. So there you have it. A totally worthless feedback on your dilemma!

  3. Thanks for the compliment Anna! I love my bangs and think they would look great on you too. Last summer I had side swept bangs and they were easy enough to pull out of the way. And if you don't like them, hair always grows back!

  4. hey cousins you guys are so funny!! love you all:D