Monday, April 5, 2010

Celebrating the Risen Lord

I think that Easter is the one, most important holiday to Christians. And being back in the Episcopal church, I have found that there is much meaning and ritual associated to the leading up to the biggest celebration in our faith. There is pretty much something to commemorate every day of Holy Week and you can even take it all the way back to the beginning of Lent. Taking the time walking, praying and experiencing that through these services, makes Easter all that much more meaningful and glorious.

But I have to admit, that past couple of years, we've not managed to participate in any of it outside of Easter morning. Finding childcare and arranging to be there is just too much hassle in reality. Besides, not to mention a very easy cop out.

The whole idea of Lent pretty much brings you down, way down, as you come to grips with what actually happened all those many years ago to Jesus, a person just like you or me, and yet so much more. The stations of the cross are painful, not to mention, depressing. The reality is larger, more influential, and easier to envision as I get older maybe. It's just a lot of emotional work if you really set aside the craziness of life and spend the time to reflect and mourn the loss of that perfect life.

But then as Easter morning comes, it's all that much more powerful to see, experience and celebrate.

So, maybe next year I'll actually have the guts to really take the time to reflect and walk that long road of sadness, redemption and finally, the pivotal celebration of the miracle that our Christianity revolves around. I'll stop hiding behind the easy excuses. It's not a simple thing to experience. It's like going to the third world. Once you've been, it changes your perspective on the ordinary, what you know and are comfortable with, in a way you could have never intended or imagined. It's painful but a stark reminder to what lies beyond ourselves.

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  1. This actually started out as a prod to get some of you ladies to write more. I was going to ask you all to post pictures of your kids in their Easter Best! The more I thought about it, the more I came to grips with what was really on my mind. I hope this is a safe place for just that!