Saturday, April 3, 2010

A New Snack Idea

I am always looking for healthy snack ideas for the boys outside of the typical PB and Ritz. I ran across this idea in a magazine a few months back. Graham crackers, topped with ricotta cheese and drizzled with honey.

There's just something magical about honey. I often times find myself in a trance while putting it in my tea or oatmeal as I admire it's golden beauty. This is just another excuse to use it I guess. Sorry a total diversion. Whoops. See, I'm tranced with a mere picture of the stuff.

I know how some of you may feel about ricotta cheese, but the next time you have a little bit left over from making lasagna, then think about trying this out. I'm stocking up to make sandwich versions for Diddle's class next week. If I can get them to eat spinach and cottage cheese on crackers with a face made out of olives and cheddar then I bet they totally dig this.

Disguise is the key, I've found, with preschoolers! My boys will eat anything with a face on it!

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