Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Family Photos

Periodically I save pics that you ladies send out in emails (these are all your pictures). After all, I hardly see you lovelies, unfortunately. I was looking through some today and loving them. I thought I'd share for some sweet memories...

There were so many that I was loving. Hope you enjoy remembering them as much as I do!!

let's start with one from the archives

can you believe we chose this lot to lead our families and father our children?

 love the open-mouth-with-cake kisses at 2. 


i have this picture hanging next to my desk. 
this is the best look of sheer joy from griffy. 
i love it.

makes me laugh out loud

so glad he chose you for our sister, LeeAnn!


love this

'Neus in "Agago"

these McBrayer boys and boobies....

master composer and musician

I love how happy Addie is in this photo!! 

so sweet

Merritt knew at such a young age this kid would be into everything. But always with the most precious smile!!!

pretty princess with a scowl 

aw.... sisters

story time, and there aren't even any pictures in that book!

the parnell boys

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  1. love those pictures hannah. what a trip through the last few years of our lives...