Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bluegrass in the Schools

There is a National organization called Bluegrass in the Schools that grants money to communities with an interest to further the understanding and exposure of bluegrass music to school kids. Our Durango Bluegrass Meltdown organizes the grant in our town every year in conjunction with the festival and asks for local bands to play in most of the area schools. We were asked to perform this year and allowed us to choose which school to play at. Of course we showed up at Patrick and Aeneas's school. 

We played some traditional bluegrass and folk, introduced ourselves along with our instruments, gave them samples of each of them and a history on how they fit into the bluegrass music genre. As soon as the first notes were played, they were clapping to the beat. I wasn't prepared for the shift in the tempo with throngs of clapping children. It was a challenge but we managed to hold it together. The kids seemed to love it.

The boys were talking about it all week leading up to the performance and just saying hello to their classes left them all wide eyed and excited. It was so fun!

We will be playing for the Ignacio schools April 22nd!

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