Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's not Rocket Science

Justin has been wanting to launch rockets, I mean let the kids launch rockets since last summer. So for Aeneas's birthday, he went all out. Anything science puts this artistic Mama into a panic attack. But I try really hard to keep cool and encourage it. We tag teamed helping the boys build their rockets (Patrick got one for his un-birthday too, of course). And every time I would get stuck on how something glued together, Justin would say, "It's not rocket science, Anna." And then laugh with his best mad scientist laugh, WHA WHA WHA!

This picture says it all. The man was nothing short of giddy about this whole thing.

So we went out last night to a vacant parking lot after the students moved out for the semester, in the wind and too little clothing for the chilly Colorado Mountain air to do some rocket launching. (Note Aeneas's space jammies. He actually planned that!)

Aeneas is carefully hooking up the launch wires to complete the circuit.

The key that turns the "ready for launch" light on is my favorite part.

A successful landing.

Patrick's rocket has shuttles that glide back down once the parachute is deployed. And we still have one for Aeneas to be built that has a clear payload section that allows you to put critters in it. Watch out lego people and small bugs. You are going on a space mission!

Patrick's NASA Shuttle launch.

Aeneas's Giant Amazon Rocket launch.

Never a dull moment around here. And I can proudly say I can pack a parachute with the best of them!

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