Thursday, April 18, 2013

Piano Playtime

Since last week was spring break we had double the amount of piano homework this week. The boys decided they wanted to try to do the theme song from the Lord of the Rings as a duet and it's HARD. Aeneas has to count things out and keep the beat and Patrick is reading two hands in the bass clef which is more difficult than it sounds. (I personally hate the bass clef and was so relieved as a kid when I switched from piano to trumpet where I could say adios to reading the bass clef forever!)

All that to say, that through some days of tears and some days of excitement, they have made some really good progress on the song. What's amazing to me is that even now, after a week of hard work and frustration, they still manage to sit down at the piano and "play" at playing. Patrick has about 5 songs that he is currently composing and the other day, the two of them came up with what they call "Ocean Deep." Yeah, they play legos and they play "talkin' cars" and they get on each others nerves and have to be separated at times. But then there are times they do something like this and it just doesn't get any more constructive than that. And that makes for one proud Mama.

Here is a preview of "Ocean Deep" by Patrick and Aeneas. We will see where it goes. And when they are recital ready, I will post their LOTR "In Dreams" duet so stay tuned!

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