Thursday, April 18, 2013

Science, Science, Science!!!

We have had a lot of fun with Science this spring already. I can't wait for it to warm up so we can get outside for even more exploratory fun.

The other day we made goo from Elmers glue, water and borax. The boys have spent hours playing with this stuff. Attacking cars and legos. But be careful, it will stick to clothing and carpet. It's a good thing we live in a "rental."

Last week for our grand finale Student Tea Time we got the stuff to make carbonated fruit! It's basically fizzy fruit and all you need is fruit like grapes, apples and pears, a Nalgene bottle and some dry ice. It takes about 2-1" cubes placed on top of your 3/4 filled Nalgene and within 24 hours your fruit is properly fizzed. The students and the boys loved it! We even had one (unacceptable) container blow up in the hall. So do this experiment at your own risk and research it first!

We had left over dry ice so naturally we had to conduct some experiments with it. Or really just play with it. We did find this idea on line.

Today I got to go along with Aeneas's class to the Discovery Museum for a morning of science. They learned all about the sun and how it helps plants to grow. Played a game and then got to pretend being scientists using their observation skills. The kids were so cute and such good little scientists. They had lunch and got to play in the museum afterward.

We were lucky that our good buddy Ryan's class came along with us.
Ryan, Aeneas, Elias and Kadin

Now which of these things require the sun to grow?
Check this out?!?
Aeneas's little buddy Elias
The Discovery Museum does a terrific job with school groups and the Mad Scientists were awesome with the kids!

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