Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bird Food for Dinner

Justin has always called me crunchy granola. And I would agree that yes, I have those tendencies. I wear a lot of 2nd hand clothes (nice looking ones), I don chacos most every day it is above 50 degrees outside (because they give my feet freedom), gave natural birth to both my kids (although begged for an epidural and was denied on account of the speed of things), nursed them to close to a year (promising that once they could call it by name they were through), ride my bike as much as I can to do errands and I serve the family mostly vegetarian meals (because free range is expensive and we still have to eat).

However, I don't live in a commune, I don't have a garden, I take a shower most every day even and I don't (thank goodness) wear patchouli oil fragrance. Therefore I only count myself as having tendencies and not a card carrying member.

The other night I made dinner and as I was taking the plates to the table I realized I had gone way too far. Off the deep end. Colorado is wearing off on me!

Here is what we had:

Vegetarian Beet and Millet Burgers
Sweet Potato Fries
Broccoli Slaw

I always thought that once you started eating bird seed, it was all over from there on out. I made BEET and MILLET veggie burgers. And totally LIKED it!

I won't pretend that any of you will actually want this recipe, but if you decide you are brave enough to try something totally out there and completely granola, shoot me an email and I will gladly share it.

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