Saturday, April 14, 2012


The gold hoop earrings were his favorite. And check out all the stuff he's got stuffed in the waist of his pants.

WE love to go to the library. Our public library is so fun and the boys are beginning to really understand how to use it. The latest craze, thanks to the Disney ride over t-giving, has been pirates! We came across a really cool book that tells about the history and lifestyle of pirates. After a few pages of information, there is an activity. So we spent the week learning all about pirates in general and making things to help live the life as well. If you have a pirate living at your house, see if you can find this book. It has been so fun.

 What's up for next week? Well, knights, of course!

Aeneas wore his knight helmet to EVERYTHING over the course of 3 days. Family night at Patrick's school, piano lessons and the store! Quite the head turner as you might imagine!

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  1. Love it! Thanks for the book recommendation, Anna. Can't wait to look for it at the library and try it for ourselves!