Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Eggs

Easter has come to the McBrayer house! We made our paper mache eggs again this year, made a soft nest for them to hatch and lo and behold, they did just that!

 They got bird feeders of which they were so excited about that we had to hang them up immediately. Within 30 mins there were dozens of little birds sharing an Easter morning feast of which the boys squealed, saying "The Easter Bunny came to see us and then we are like the Easter Bunny to the little birds!"

 Headed for the Easter Island rice patties!

 Patrick tried to get into his egg and Aeneas was all about wearing his as a hat.

Patrick read the Easter Story to us from the Rhyme Bible Storybook and then we followed it by making resurrection rolls (Thanks Nina for the idea!). The boys totally got it. It was a beautiful moment.

Easter egg hunt at church. This year everyone got a basket with a number and could only pick up the eggs that had their number on it. The event actually lasted longer than 5 min for the first time in history, and there were no tears over who got more! Not a bad idea.

Two handsome boys, totally decked out for the special day!

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  1. Numbering the eggs and baskets is such a good idea!