Monday, April 9, 2012

Milk with Poop

This is one of those posts that I don't imagine my grandmother or mother, who are faithful followers of our blog will appreciate. However, it is one of those parenting instances that you all will totally relate to being married to a McBrayer. I would say the McBrayer girls made a safe escape except this is not something I would put past Joel and I'm thinking Brent may be the only civilized guy in our family, however he is quickly becoming influenced, I think. So...

You all have known Aeneas since that summer we brought him "home" to see the family, 5 summers ago. He's been a spit fire since the day he was born and had he not been so damn cute, we'd have thrown him into the marsh behind my dad's house long ago. Well, he's still got it, only the personality shows itself a little differently in a 5 year old than it did in a 5 week old. But, there are those redeeming times that we manage the upper hand in his vices.

The boys may have milk or water for dinner. They are both at a stage where they will totally ignore us when we ask their preference in which case they go without anything at all. And in their effort to assert their independence, they will request milk with ice or water with ice, just to be difficult.

Last night JP asked them what they would like to have with dinner. Patrick said milk with ice and Aeneas, in order to one up him, asked for "milk with poop!" Only a father would have responded with ok and then walked over to the counter, poured a huge glass of milk and dropped a fist-sized chunk of apple cake into it. He set it on the table and Aeneas's jaw dropped. "What's this?" said Aeneas. JP says, "it's milk with poop. That is what you asked for, right?"

Justin never let him in on the fact that it was actually cake and he wasn't about to take a sip to find out. I've giggled about it all night. It was a good trick, and certainly an idea I would have never come up with. I think he may have learned his lesson. Kids - 0; Parents - 1


  1. Dads are truly amazing beings. I love what they come up with... and I love your stories, Anna!

  2. anna, i laughed out loud at that one!! aeneas and griffin are definitely related!!! i'll have to keep that one in mind!

  3. Anna, hysterical. I love it. We have a very similar milk/water battle at our house every night. It usually is Ryan saying I want "milllllllwater" and I have to figure out which one he wanted and if I guess wrong he throws a fit. Ugh!