Thursday, April 26, 2012

Can you spell Entomologist?

The entomologist has turned 5! How is this possible?!? We registered him for kindergarten last week and bought him his first real backpack for his birthday. He got to move up to the top bunk for the first time last night. And although he's not actually heavy enough to move up to a booster seat, he's getting one (albeit with a 5 point harness) ! Is this actually happening?

I am sure so many of you remember the little guy from his first days into this world. He is as independent and stubborn as they come. I am beginning to understand that second kids are just their own people. They feel the need to assert that independence as individuals in stubborn ways that both drive their mothers crazy while bringing a sense of pride at the same time. This guy loves people. Although he will fight me tooth and nail over which pair of white socks he wants to wear, he also can't stand to be by himself. He follows me around and is under foot just like an infant at times. He'd rather wallow on the floor and wait for me to finish my email than go find something fun to do by himself.

Here is what I find him doing when I am busy on the computer...
I have found that if I take some one on one time seriously without distractions, it serves as a charge for him to play independently for a time afterward.  I sat up in his bed yesterday and had him tell me all about the bugs he got for his birthday and then he left charged long enough for me to take a nap up there for the next 45 min. I couldn't believe it.
Here he is entertaining himself by drawing but only after some one on one time!
Here is Entomologist Aeneas with all of this gear on, ready to go catch some bugs.

He has a ridiculous passion for things he finds interesting and right now that thing is bugs. He routinely digs in the recycling bin looking for things he can poke holes in and use as a bug catcher. Recently we checked out another really fun book from the Library called "Bug Zoo." I picked it up in hopes to prolong the lives of the little critters we pick up on our hunts. It teaches you how to build, care and feed the little guys. We have had so much fun building habitats and and catching bugs and now that he has gotten his real bug catching gear from his birthday, he's all that much more official.

Here is one of our bug habitats that we built using stuff from around the house and  a few things from the hardware store.
This is the invention of all inventions. It's called a bug pooter. It's basically a bug vacuum that you power with your mouth. Both boys spend hours flipping rocks and collecting things in it. They had no less than 50 rolly pollies in them yesterday.
You can hear him telling you how the pooter works and how it is made.

Happy Birthday my little scientist. You are amazing!

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