Sunday, July 14, 2013

4th of July Math

The Silverton 4th of July parade left us with a multitude of bead necklaces. When got home, the boys went right to cutting them all of them into individual beads (don't tell Declan and Dashel!). Which turned into an impromptu math lesson. They were both murmuring about which color had the most and how they were going to count them and graph them for comparison. Here was the result.

Once the data was collected, I helped them on a really cool site I used to work with when I was designing for Farm Journal called Create a Graph

Yes, I know it's a kid's educational tool but when you have loads of data that needs to reported accurately, this was a lifesaver! You simply move through the tabs at the right, previewing along the way to make sure things are turning out the way you want and then it generates a downloadable file in any format you could possibly need.

Since I have illustrator, we downloaded the files as eps and then tweaked the color scheme to make it clean and clear. Such a fun tool. Who knew learning could be so fun?

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