Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Alpine Adventures: Stage 1

Catching up with old Berry College friends is difficult when everyone is scattered to the wind, however there are times when the stars align and we can manage to get together. Ramu moved to Denver about 3 months ago and before Erik headed back east to Knoxville for a fellowship we literally had one weekend where all of us were with in driving distance of each other.

So began the McBrayer week long camping trip to the alpine forests of Colorado. We started at the Lost Wonder Hut of Monarch pass to meet up with Erik and Ramu and their families.

4 wheel drive road and a last minute dinner for the PA meant Bella got to come up to the cabin ahead of her parents with the Bergers. There wasn't room for everyone in the truck. She didn't mind the dust too much.

The Lost Wonder Hut stands in the shadow of Mt Aetna, sleeps 14 people and is a nice shelter out of the elements all year around. It also comes with paper products, a gas stove with oven, all the dishes you could possibly need and a brand new gas grill. A beautiful place.

No sign of mice but they would have had a hey day with the amount of stray cheerios we managed to scatter across the floor of the hut. This is Erik's wife Kristen with their two girls, Karlee and Morgan.

Aeneas and I we exploring the avalanche slide looking for spiders after breakfast.

This is Veronica, Ramu's wife with Isabella. She's not too fond of the Baby Bjorn.

However, she really hates it when she's strapped to JP and Mama is out of sight. I can't imagine why.

Someone forgot their truck up there.

Because Kristen is an overachiever and good like that, she carries both girls while her husband hikes ahead, shooting his pellet gun.

Taking a little hike

A little brake on the way

This was in a swamp on the hike. Does anyone else find this remarkable?!? Guess what it belongs to.

Come on. We haven't changed that much since our Berry days...

Nope. Just the same.

The boys loved this place.

Poker and whiskey in the wilderness. How cliche. 
Aunt Chris and Uncle George along with Lindsay came up to hang one night.

Kristen and Ramu.

Look at this cute family!

Morgan and Mama Kristen

The world's awesomest dog, Auggie.

Of course the Berger boy would bring his treasure hunting tools. The creek was so cold, no one could stand it for more than a few minutes, even the Hulk there. No gold for us.

Patrick thought Morgan was really cool!

Karlee and her flower princess crown. I've got to spoil the girls when I've got them. A and P are hardly in to these.

Awesome fort that Justin and the boys made once the others left.

Lost Wonder Hut has playable instruments galore if you are so inclined.

No camping is complete without s'mores.

These two turned out to be best buddies.

More to come...

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  1. aw, looks like a great trip. i am so glad you included so many pictures - i know that's a lot of work. can't believe how big everyones kiddos are getting... especially YOURS!