Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Alpine Adventures: Stage 2

After one final night to ourselves at Lost Wonder, we headed up to Aspen via Independence Pass. It's only open in the summer, and we now know why. Parts of it aren't even two lane and nothing over 35 feet long fits because of how winding the road was. They don't even pretend The lines in the middle just mysteriously disappear at times! How festive that we do on the week of 4th of July!

Here we are at the top. I'm trying to groom some young photographers so that we make it into some of the photos. They are beginning to get it I think.

The pass is almost as high as Engineer Mountain at 12,095 feet!

Nothing like a summer snowball fight.

Sounds like a disaster to have a black football that is intended to be thrown in the dark but somehow this thing works with reflectors as long as you are willing to look like forest monsters so you don't get pelted in the face.

This picture says "life is good." To see your kids frolic in an Aspen grove is heaven to this Mama and says we've done some thing very right by our move to Colorado.

We stayed at a campground called Weller Campground which was situated in a beautiful shimmering grove of Aspens, right outside of Aspen, CO.

We spent the day in town. We visited a park where our kids looked nothing less than homeless having come stright out of the woods in probably the most pretentious town I have ever been to. All I could think was, "Damn, I forgot to pack the seersucker on this camping trip." 

The boys played in a fountain in the sidewalk in downtown Aspen and although they were soaking wet in sweatpants and tennis shoes, they looked sort of clean. Next time I will be more prepared by bring my bar of soap a change of clothes for them.

They got to picnic up Castle Creek in t-shirts and bare bottoms while their pants dried in the sun. I found this funny, but they found it a bit embarrassing despite the remote and private location on the bank of the creek.

This valley is just southwest of the famous Maroon Bells and happens to be ungated and free to drive. Go figure Aspen charges for entrance in to public land that isn't even considered a National Park.

The boys picked out the biggest marshmallows for the trip.

These bad boys are roughly the equivalent of 4 regular marshmallows. Such peaceful and beautiful family time!

More to come...

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