Sunday, July 7, 2013

A new chef moves in

Aeneas has finally reached the ripe age of learning to cook with Daddy. Of course his first pick for dinner was mac and cheese for the main course. No surprise there. It was a beautiful meal and the little guy did a great job.

This kid is a taster. He has to taste everything right down to the spices.

Here he is making his roux.

The table was set outside on the patio.

This happened to be during the week we were trying out gluten free hence the two pans of mac and cheese. In case you were wondering, we couldn't tell the difference between the rice and the wheat noodles. 

He also learned that if you have a heart heavy main dish you have to round it out with something healthy. So we had a fruit salad with a delicious citrus juice sauce over top.

He even insisted on doing the dishes. At this rate, they will be making all the dinners by the time they hit the ravenous appetite stage of high school boys. 

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