Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boys and Sticks

 We went to the library the other day and I came across a book about sticks. I thought this was a great idea. Someone actually put together an entire book on how to play with sticks. Why didn't I think of that?!?!

The boys naturally gravitated to the chapter on weapons and so began our evening outing to Junction Creek to look for bows and arrows and swords. Patrick is now a proud owner of a pocket knife (which was his souvenir from Greece)  and was able to widdle the sticks to their proper shape (with a little help and muscle from us of course). A little twine, a hand saw (which made it a whole lot easier), and a pocket knife and boy, we were on our way.

In case you were wondering what weapons and neighborhood kids might looks like if they just so happened to be in the same location, you can take a look at Aeneas's eye. A near miss. Keep it within the family with some adult supervision! Jeeze.

In the past, we have made forts with some of the techniques used in this book. Here is one you have already seen but one we did recently along with some other great uses for sticks.

Fort sticks

 Stick Foosball!

Comparison sticks
Cooking sticks for stick and bug soup.

 Collection Sticks!

 Stick signs.

Fire sticks!

 Walking sticks

 Fiddle sticks

Save your money and go to the woods for some good play sticks!

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  1. great ideas, and i loooove the old pictures of the boys. they have always been so beautiful.